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Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700LD – Product Feature!

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The Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700 leverset has always been a popular choice for upgrading to a commercial grade, stand alone keypad security solution; packed with features such as easy installation with no external wiring, up to 100 fingertip programmable user codes, 5AA battery powered with an estimated 5 year life span and low battery alert, BHMA Grade 1 durability, and key override access with passage mode capability.

Recently, Alarm Lock has added a product to the DL2700 line; the DL2700LD ‘LocDown’; with the main feature of the new model being key-fob activated lockdown functionality w/ interior visual indicator bar. This leverset was designed with K12 schools and campus/ university security in mind; with the DL2700LD Alarm Lock Trilogy placed in lockdown mode, only users with a Manager or Master code are allowed access, with all other codes disabled until a registered key-fob transmits a return to normal command (key-fob transmission range up to 100′ depending on building layout); one motion egress is still maintained at all times, as in normal mode, to allow easy exit from inside the locked room.

Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700LD ‘LocDown’:

  • Multi key-fob flexibility – up to 50 key-fobs can be supported for each leverset, and each key-fob can lockdown up to 4 leversets (pocket sized at just over 2″, with 1 key-fob included for every Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700LD).
  • Bright interior visual indicator bar – the large interior indicator becomes brightly lit when in lockdown mode, confirming to inside occupants that the door is locked and secure. There is also a small visible/ audible indicator on the outside as well.
  • Grade 1 durability –  the Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700LD is BHMA Grade 1 lock; also UL listed, FCC certified, and ADA compliant.
  • 100 user codes and 100% fingertip programmable – 1 Master, 10 Manager, 90 basic user codes (3-5 digit), plus 3 one-time service codes.
  • Easy stand alone installation with long battery life – the Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700LD installs with modified ANSI 115 prep, which retrofits standard leversets. The lock is 5AA powered, with no external wires or power supplies, and an estimated 20,000 cycle battery life.
  • Key override can be configured for different keyways – from standard Schlage and other populare keyways (Best, Arrow, Medeco Keymark), to IC cores from companies such as Yale, Medeco, and Sargent. (6 pin Schlage cylinder comes standard).
  • Optional ‘W’ Weatherproof model available – for exterior use in the elements; -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C ).
  • Available in 3 standard finishes – to match your existing hardware or preference; US3 polished brass, US26D satin chrome, and 10B duronodic.

The Alarm Lock DL2700LD is an excellent, cost effective (contact us for special pricing), and feature packed stand alone keypad solution that is perfect as a security upgrade to standard locks and leversets; focused on security for schools and campuses, the DL2700LD will retrofit most commercial doors with little effort and installation time.

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