Residential Locksmith Services

MX Locksmith, a Las Vegas Locksmith LLC, offers comprehensive security protection for your home.

One of the latest forms of home invasion known as lock bumping or key bumping, involves only a simple key that can easily by-pass your door’s lock. Without special tools and with only minimal effort, individuals can use this method to enter your home against your will. Because can be done so quickly, it is unlikely that your neighbors will notice the invasion and call the police. This leaves criminals free to plunder your home at will. MX Locksmith can install special “Bump-Proof” locks for all the doors of your home. These locks incorporate special tumblers that are slightly different than the traditional door lock tumbler and some use a specially designed sidebar that renders the bump key useless. Because of this difference, the lock bumping will not work for those trying to gain access to your home. You and your loved ones will feel completely safe.

If you have recently purchased a home, you should consider taking advantage of MX Locksmith’s re-keying service. When we rekey your home, you can keep your old locks, but only your new keys will be able to open your doors. That way, if a previous owner kept a spare key or gave a key to a friend, neighbor, realtor, or contractor they can no longer access your house. In cases of divorce, we recommend you have your locks re-keyed as soon as possible. Re-keying your locks before there is a problem can prevent you from walking into your home and finding your ex in your living room.

If there has been an incident and you need your home re-keyed immediately, call 369-OPEN. We offer 24 hour locksmith service and same day appointments at no extra charge. We even provide you with your first three keys for free.

Residential Rekeying
Whether you have recently moved in to a new residence or commercial location or have been there for 20 years, there are likely keys in the hands of people you have long forgotten about. These may include contractors, ex-employees, neighbors, family, ex-tenants, cleaning services and others. These “guests” could let themselves in at any time without your knowledge or permission.
Emergency Lockout Service
Have you experienced shutting your front door, only to find out that you have left all the keys inside your house? This type of emergency calls for only one solution – calling a 24 hour Las Vegas locksmith service. MX Locksmith emergency locksmith service will be able to pull you through hard and scaring situations such as the above mentioned. Fast response time guaranteed!
Home Security Survey
Home Security Survey is a critical on-sight examination of a property to determine what the present security status is, identify any deficiencies or excesses of security, determine what level of protection is needed, and make recommendations to improve the overall security of the premises.
Bump Proof Lock Installation
Protect your home, family and business from the lock bypass method called “key bumping” also known as “lock bumping”. The easiest way to prevent lock bumping is to install high security Primus lock cylinders made by Schlage into both your doorknob lock and the deadbolt.