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Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box – New Product!

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Nowadays, touch-pad and Bluetooth enabled deadbolts can be found on front doors for an increasing number of homes; from their convenience, ease of use, and security features, these types of locks are becoming a common choice for homeowners. Following this trend, Master Lock company has released a new product that follows in a similar vein to touch-pad and Bluetooth enable deadbolts; enter the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box (model number 5441D)

This new Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box, via Wall Mount, allows you to open and manage with your smartphone or with
temporary or permanent codes. Monitor who visits and when through the easy to use App which also
provides you with lock notifications. Installing this product is easy and comes with all the hardware in the
lock box. Large capacity to hold key cards or traditional keys. Solid body durability and coated surface
to protect hardware and door finish. Works with the free Master Lock Vault eLocks App.

Features Include:
– Open and manage with your smartphone.
– Use the FREE Master Lock Vault eLocks App for Android or IOS.
– Can also be accessed by entering a traditional code on the keypad.
– Schedule access now or in the future.
– Provide permanent or temporary access.
– Includes mounting hardware for easy installation.
– Use the App or web to track usage.
– Tamper alerts and low battery warnings.
– Large storage capacity for keys and access cards.
– Easy to replace battery (CR123A preinstalled)

Specifications and Dimensions:
– Body Width: 3-1/4in (83mm)
– Height: 5in (12.7cm)
– Width: 3-1/4in (83mm)
– Depth: 2-5/16in (59mm)
– Color: Silver & Black

The new Master Lock Bluetooth Lockbox truly allows for smart, simple, and secure property access management.
Available today, please feel free to Contact Us! for answers on features, pricing, and scheduling your installation! 702-369-OPEN(6736)


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