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Locks and commercial door hardware play a vital role in securing your place of business. When your locks are working as expected, you are able to carry out your day-to-day business with no interruptions. If your locks suddenly begin to malfunction or stop working altogether, the situation can suddenly affect more than just the security of your facility and valuable merchandise; productivity and potential business can also be negatively affected, such as personnel being locked out of the facility, then having to wait on a locksmith for commercial lock repair services.


Commercial Lock Repair Services

From repairing or replacing existing locks and commercial door hardware, to proactively checking for the early warning signs of lock failure, here are a few of the most common door lock configurations and commercial lock repair services:

  • Glass/ Aluminum Storefront Doors (Single): Found on many strip mall storefronts; most single doors use a standard keyed cylinder on the outside, a thumb-turn cylinder on the inside, and hook-bolt style latch assembly. Early warning signs include keys sticking when trying to lock or unlock, the thumb-turn becoming too stiff to turn, or the hook-bolt disengaging while locked or sometimes not engaging at all; commercial lock repair solutions here vary from lock cylinder rekey, to set screw adjustment (located behind the latch cover plate), to the need for hardware replacement.

Commercial Lock Repair - Single Door

  • Glass/ Aluminum Storefront Doors (Double): Double doors are commonly seen on commercial building entrances; most double doors use a standard keyed cylinder on the outside, a thumb-turn cylinder on the inside, and a flip up/ deadbolt style latch assembly on only one side of the double doors; this is the key difference from standard single doors; the flip-bolt engages concealed rods in the second door, which then secure the rods in the header/ footer of the threshold. Early warning signs for failure are the same as on a single door, but can also include the concealed rods dragging and leaving marks on the threshold; solutions for commercial lock repair here vary from lock cylinder rekey, to adjustment of various parts/ concealed rods, to the need for complete hardware replacement.

Commercial Lock Repair - Double Door

  • Hollow Metal Rear/ Side/ Exit Doors: Hollow metal doors are typically used as side or rear exit doors on commercial suites and warehouse buildings, as well as doors for electrical and fire riser rooms. Standard lock hardware found on these types of doors are commercial grade lever locks, which can vary in function; Entry function (key cylinder outside, thumb-turn button inside, can also be placed in Storage mode), and Storage function (keyed outside, blank inside, always locked from the outside when latched, always unlocked from the inside). Early warning signs include sticking keys, or sticking latches; typical commercial lock repair will be either lock cylinder rekey, or lock cylinder/ latch replacement (these parts are available for individual replacement, without the need to replace the entire lever lock), though full lever replacement may be needed if there is extensive wear throughout or damage due to a break-in attempt.

Commercial Lock Repair - Electrical Room Door

  • Commercial Hydraulic Door-Closers: These can typically be found on any type of commercial door, from front and back/ exit, to electrical and fire riser room doors. There are many configurations for door-closers (mounting brackets and locations can vary widely, based on desired or intended application, as well as door size/ weight/ material).
    More information regarding the basics of the various door-closer types can be found here at this link. For the sake of simplicity, the two most common and recognizable types are exposed and concealed hydraulic door-closers. The easiest to install, and the most visible, are exposed door-closers which are typically surface-mounted near the top inside edge of the door. Exposed door-closers are fairly universal, and can be mounted on any door and frame type. Concealed door-closers, on the other hand, are more complicated to install, and only work for specific door applications; these door-closers are hidden from plain view, with the closer and arm only exposed while the door is open. Common early warning signs for commercial hydraulic door-closers are doors being hard to push/ pull open, doors suddenly slamming, not closing all the way, or closing too slowly; in these cases, the only practical repair solution would be found in the adjustment screws; these screws can adjust door closing and opening speed, as well as the force required for closing and opening. Another issue that could arise is hydraulic fluid leaking from the door closer unit itself; there is no repair for this, and the door closer should be replaced by a locksmith immediately, to prevent the door closer from becoming stuck open or shut in the worst case.

Commercial Lock Repair - Exposed Door Closer Commercial Lock Repair - Concealed Door Closer

  • Push-To-Exit/ Panic Bar: Panic bars are commonly found on exit doors, in places such as commercial warehouses, restaurants, schools, movie theaters, and shopping malls; they can also be found on the front doors of some businesses, to allow easy one-motion egress for building fire code. Common issues include doors not latching, not staying shut, or being difficult to unlatch or open. Typically, panic bars can be serviced or repaired by a locksmith, without the need for parts replacement; unless the end cap is missing or damaged; end caps are made of either plastic or metal, and cover up  critical mounting screws and latch mechanisms. Damaged or missing end caps should be replaced immediately, to protect the service life of your panic bar.

Commercial Lock Repair - Panic Bar


Commercial Lock Repair Overview

Keeping informed and up to date, with the locks and commercial hardware on the doors to your place of business, can help you stay proactive in spotting the early warning signs for hardware failure. If you would like a free security overview for your business, and are looking for premier Las Vegas locksmith service, please feel free to Contact Us today! Let MX Locksmith help you stay ahead of your commercial lock repair needs, to keep your merchandise safe, and leave your day-to-day operations uninterrupted.


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