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Safes are a key component to securing your most valuable items; from cash, legal documents, and jewelry, to precious metals, and firearms. There are many different sizes and styles of safes to both accommodate the space and location needs of any business, home, or personal space, as well as meet your specific security level needs! Here we will go over the most common and popular types of safes, the security features that you can expect to find on these safes, as well as some configurable options. We will be using example models that we either have in stock, or can have shipped fairly quickly!


Depository Safes

Typically standing at about 2 feet tall, these safes are perfect for placing underneath an office reception desk, or a large home office computer table. Depository safes are perfect for making quick and secure drops of cash, checks, and sensitive documents. Standard features include a front loading deposit door, spin-dial combination lock, and hard steel plating. Options include replacing the spin-dial combination lock with an electronic keypad lock, internal vault storage (to keep loading door deposits separate from other safe contents), and shelving to help with sorting cash trays or other items.

A perfect example of a depository safe is the BWB3020FL, by American Security Products (AMSEC):

Depository Safes - AMSBWB3020FL

Features of this model include:

  • Door: Massive 1/2″ thick A36 solid steel plate.
  • 3-way locking mechanism consisting of five 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts
  • Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically
  • Locks and relocks protected by a large carburized hardplate
  • Convenient, door-mounted, recessed coin rack
  • Formed high tensile steel body and jamb construction to maximize protection against pry attack
  • Reinforced internal jambs on all four sides to provide protection against sledgehammer attack
  • U.L. listed Group II, key changeable combination lock
  • Standard Four (4) anchor bolt holes for secure mounting.
  • If a front loading deposit door will not be ideal for the space where your plan to put the safe, we can special order reverse load, right load, or left load configurations!


Floor & Wall Safes

Floor & wall safes provide convenient and space saving storage for documents, jewelry, precious metals or other miscellaneous valuables, at an economical price. When properly installed, these types of safes can provide some fire protection for the contents within, even in case of unforeseen disasters. As an added benefit, floor & wall safes can be easily hidden out of plain sight, providing yet another layer of security for valuable possessions in any space or room.

You can expect most floor safes to look similar to the AMSEC B1500:

Floor Safes - B1500

  • U.L. listed Group II Combination lock
  • Attractive design offers strong reliable welds to protect against burglary attacks and reduce possible leakage
  • New door jamb design is manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment, with built-in devices offering the ultimate protection against sledgehammer attack
  • A handle activated locking mechanism consisting of three 1″ diameter locking bolts
  • One piece heavy duty dead bar behind hinge prevents removal of door even if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt
  • Optional ESL5 Electronic Lock available, with Illuminated Keypad in Bright Chrome
  • You may also add many options to customize your safe such as: A drop slot in the door, depository chute, or keylocking dial to name a few

As for wall safes, we can definitely recommend the AMSEC WFS149:

Wall Safes - WFS149

AMSEC wall safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables. Each wall safe is also designed for easy installation between 16″ o/c wall studs. Pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange eliminates unnecessary replastering.

Standard features with this safe include:

  • UL Listed one hour fire rating, insuring the inside temperature never exceeded 350° F (paper chars at 450° F)
  • U.L. listed Group II Combination lock
  • Extra deep interior, with one (1) convenient drawer shelf
  • Fits between wall studs
  • Combo lock with key operated side-locking mechanism incorporating one chromed locking bolt
  • Each safe is equipped with side locking boltwork mechanism incorporating 1/2″ steel deadbolts
  • Impressive 1/2″ thick door with attractive two-tone Sage finish


Gun Safes

Gun safes are the quintessential and most secure type of safe; this is what most people imagine when they think of the word ‘safes’. Though named gun safes, they are also perfect for securing basically anything you can fit inside, and utilize many of the popular features and benefits of our previously listed safes; this includes hard steel construction throughout, U.L. listed fire rating, anchor holes for secure floor mounting, and interior shelving to keep contents neat and sorted.

Our most popular gun safe is the AMSEC NF6030:

Gun Safes - NF6030

Features of this model include:

  • U.L. Type 1 listed ESL5 Electronic Lock comes standard
  • Optional ESL10 Electronic Lock available, with Illuminated Keypad in Bright Chrome
  • ¼”-Thick Steel Plate Door
  • Four-Way Bolt Work
  • 11-Gauge Steel Body
  • UL Residential Security Container Burglary Classification
  • 90-Minute Intertek Verified Fire Rating
  • Dual Door Seals to Protect Against Fire and Smoke
  • Gun Capacity: 14-14-28 + 2 Gun
  • Premium Door Organizer (can hold additional handguns, spare magazines, small flashlights, jewelry)
  • AC Power Outlet (to allow interior lighting solutions)


MX Locksmith – Safes Overview

There are many different models and types of safes to choose from. The safes that we have covered in this article, while the most common and popular, are just a few examples. Most safes are configurable for everything from color & finish, to manual or electronic locks, interior shelving, and accessories such as LED lighting and door organizers. No matter what you are trying to secure in your business, home office, or personal space, there is surely a safe to fit your needs!

Please feel free to Contact Us! to get answers on availability, features and configuration options, as well as the most competitive pricing in Las Vegas! 702-369-OPEN(6736)


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