High Security Restricted Key Systems

A Restricted Key System utilizes patent protected keys and lock cores to restrict access to you building/complex and stop unauthorized duplication.

The special patented keys are only available to approved agents (i.e. you won’t find them at the local shoe repair shop) and your locksmith keeps detailed records about who is authorized to have them duplicated.

Las Vegas Locksmith – MX Locksmith will not cut a duplicate key without a letter/order signed by one of the Signatories for your system. This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that you know exactly who has your keys.

There is protection against picking, racking, manipulation and impressing, while each key is registered and supplied for against authorized signatures only. Binary Plus adds a new dimension to lock security with a patented side trap action. If the wrong key is used, side pins engage with the lock shell and prevent the lock from opening. The Binary Plus key is thicker than most to restrict hand made copies. Distinctive head design, with dealer and key identification stamped into the head, provides added security against unauthorized duplication.

Where conventional non-restricted keys can be cut by any one, and without you being aware of it, restricted keys are cut to a specific code; they are individually numbered and documented.
Extra keys are only cut and issued upon receipt of a signed document whose signature(s) matches the signature(s) on our records. New restricted keys are cut to code, thereby meeting precise factory specifications and ensuring best quality. On issue, every key is dated and signed out by the recipient, providing you with total control over your keys.

Because there is not just one solution for the many different needs of our customers, we offer several different options.