Bump Proof Lock Installation

Protect your home, family and business from the lock bypass method called “key bumping” also known as “lock bumping”. The easiest way to prevent lock bumping is to install a high security lock cylinder. Our patented cylinders can be added to your existing hardware in your home or office. We can also add our high security system to most hardware on our website.

What is Lock Bumping?
Key bumping (or bumping, rapping) is a covert entry technique used to quickly open pin-tumbler based locks. Key bumping is a method of using a modified key that fits a target lock to create a kinetic energy transfer between top and bottom pins in the lock. Essentially, top pins are “bumped” above the shear line allowing the plug to rotate. Key bumping is similar in function to a pick gun.

One of the latest forms of home invasion known as lock bumping or key bumping, involves only a simple key that can easily by-pass your door’s lock. Without special tools and with only minimal effort, individuals can use this method to enter your home against your will. Because can be done so quickly, it is unlikely that your neighbors will notice the invasion and call the police. This leaves criminals free to plunder your home at will. Moto-Xpress can install special “Bump-Proof” locks for all the doors of your home. These locks incorporate special tumblers that are slightly different than the traditional door lock tumbler and some use a specially designed sidebar that renders the bump key useless. Because of this difference, the lock bumping will not work for those trying to gain access to your home. You and your loved ones will feel completely safe.