Access Control Hardware and Software

When choosing an access control package to control the access in your facility there are a few primary factors that you must know. While some of the control devices available are very simple others can get complicated.

Access Control Basics

The following is some basic information that we will need to know in order to best find a product to fit your needs and allow for future expansion.

 Some of the factors may not seem to apply but you still need to be ready to provide this information as best you can.

Number of unique users? This is the number of people that will be allowed access to your facility. This includes employees, contract labor such as cleaning crews, and temporary users such as visitor passes to secure areas.

- Our primary access control system is capable of up to 65,000 users without expansion

Number of Doors per site? This is the number of physical doors that you wish to electronically control with a software driven access control system. If an exact number is not known we will need the best estimate.

- Our primary access control system is capable of up to 256 doors per site.

Number of sites? Do you have multiple buildings or sites? We can give you a solution that addresses multiple sites. In each site we will need to know how many doors are being controlled.

- Our primary access control system is capable of up to 255 sites via dial-up modem or LAN/WAN with TCP/IP.

What are your input and output needs? Does your application require that we interfaces with an existing alarm system or CCTV system? Do you want us to provide an integrated digital video recording solution? We will need to know.

Number and location of administrators? How many people are going to administer the system? In a small company this may be handled by an owner or office manager. In a larger corporation it may be necessary to manage systems from New York, LA, and Tokyo.

Type of Cards or Keyfobs Desired? Typically we will suggest proximity readers and cards. Proximity technology allows excellent security without any moving parts for the readers or cards to wear over time. Also available are magnetic stripe, Wiegand, and digital codes. A popular option is often video badging

Is Audit Trail Capability required? Will you need to know who, when, and where an event happened? Typically it is best to go with full audit trail capabilities. Most of the systems we sell have the capability of generating reports by event.

Will you be purchasing or leasing your system? Companies that wish to have an access control system may begin to realize that the price for a quality system is out of their cash range. offers a no money down leasing program to fulfill your access control needs now.

These basic questions will be proceeded by more specific questions concerning other aspects of your access control system. MX Locksmith will custom design a system to fit your needs.